Lutron RA2 Select – Main Repeater




Supports up to 100 wireless devices (including dimmers, switches, occupancy/vacancy sensors, Pico wireless controls, and wireless shades). The main repeater and additional wireless repeaters each count as one device.
Programmed via the Lutron App (available for iOS® and AndroidTM).
Scene control via the Lutron App and Pico scene keypads.
Time clock scheduling of daily events via the Lutron App.
Connects to the Wi-Fi router via an Ethernet connection.
Local device operation will continue to function if internet connection is lost or if the main repeater is powered down or not communicating.
System access from anywhere in the world using the Lutron App.
Control outside the app via widgets (iOSR and AndroidT).
Supports Geofencing from the Lutron App.
Control from Apple Watch.
Supports integration with other smart home brands including Amazon® Alexa®, Google® Assistant, Nest®, Sonos®, and more.
Up to four wireless repeaters (Lx-REPPRO-BL) can be added to extend the range for larger systems.
Automatically programs Pico wireless controls for typical applications and activities or program additional custom scenes using the Lutron App. Integration with select professional A/V and security systems.

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